Strong Size Fishing Spool Moss


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Strong Size Fishing Spool Moss

CXX X-Tra Strong is the toughest, strongest, most shock resistant line on the market Tournament anglers and guides alike choose CXX because of the abrasion resistance and its high strength to diameter ratio Anglers have learned about the great knot strength and low stretch of CXX Wth 5 colors to choose from, you’re certain to have the perfect shade for any condition.

CXX stands up to the roughest structures and strongest fish, thanks to its highly abrasion-resistant coating.

In addition to the bass market, salmon and steelhead fishermen have also come to appreciate the qualities that this line has to offer.

Super abrasion resistant

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4-Pound, 6-Pound, 8-Pound, 10-Pound, 12-Pound, 15-Pound, 17-Pound, 20-Pound, 25-Pound, 30-Pound, 40-Pound


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